Specialist Generators

With the rising cost of diesel, customers are looking into alternative methods of power generation, whether it is alternative fuels, hybrid solar/wind/diesel systems, or they are just looking to improve the overall efficiency of a power generation system by recovering waste heat for various processes.

At the request of our customers, we have developed generators that operate on a range of these alternative fuels, including bio diesel, vegetable, and animal fats, which further compliment our range of natural gas, and heavy fuel oil products.

Our hybrid off grid system incorporates Interpower's skill for packaging generators in containers, with our ability to design and integrate different technologies, including diesel, wind and solar, to provide a modular power solution for remote settlements where the ability to get diesel to site is both impractical and prohibitively costly, and a wind generator is an excellent addition to reliable diesel backup generator.

For more information, including details of the massive fuel savings available from such systems, please visit our news page.

Interpower also have the capability to design and manufacture Combined Heat and Power systems, CHP. When an engine is running, a high percentage of the energy produced from the combustion of the fuel is lost to heat, through exhaust & the engines cooling system.

Using heat exchangers to recover the energy from the cooling circuits and the exhaust system, the efficiency of a CHP generating set is a marked improvement on a standard generator.

The recovered heat can be used in a number of ways, including manufacturing processes where high grade heat is essential, or to reduce energy bills and pre-heat boilers etc.

CHP systems are not practical for a backup power supply, or temporary power, but offer a solution which over time will reduce the overall cost of installation, and in certain applications can massively reduce the payback time on a standard genset.

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