Soundproof & Low Noise Generators

Perfectly designed for installations where low noise is a requirement, innovative designs allow Interpower to meet the lowest noise levels.

Interpower silent generators are already deployed in numerous noise critical installations including hospitals, residential environments, inner city buildings, outdoor events and rental fleets.

All Interpower silent generators are designed to suit the environment in which they are installed, with weatherproof inlet and outlet louvers, vermin proof guards, stainless steel hinges and door furniture, high quality door & aperture seals, and marine grade paint systems.

Variable speed controlled fans, reduced air velocity cooling packages, custom high density acoustic material linings, and innovative cooling air and heat control allow Interpower to reduce the noise breakout to as low as 50dBA @ 1m.

Our bespoke canopies can be tailored to the installation, and designed to allow minimum service requirements for all generator components, while ensuring a small footprint.

The diagram below gives an indication of typical noise levels in different scenarios.

Sound Level

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