Rental Specification DNV Container Generators

Interpower have supplied a Middle Eastern rental company with a number of DNV versions of their 1290kVA Cummins powered rental specification containers.

The Offshore version of the power rental set is the latest option Interpower have added to what is already a very well received product, which has seen over a decades service in rental fleets around the world.

The standard 20ft rental generator container features the Cummins KTA50G3 engine, coupled to a Newage P7 alternator. This reliable, and time proven design offers a high power output for a small site footprint.

Included in the standard and the DNV 2.7/1 versions of the package are the self contained cooling and exhaust systems, integral fuel tank and liquid containment which allow the sets to be dropped on site, connected to the load and started immediately.

As the number of sets in the field increases, and we receive more feedback from customers, we continue development, and are constantly adding more options. Improved access and serviceability of key components within the container is another feature Interpower build into their rental specification products.

This latest DNV container option, along with a water mist fire suppression system, makes the container suitable for use in offshore and marine applications, where the lifting requirements are more stringent.

Coming developments will offer even more options to the customer, and further strengthen Interpower's reputation for building high quality backup power products capable of withstanding the harshest environments.

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