Industrial Generators

Industrial Generators

In installations where the mains/utility supply is under capacity or unreliable, Interpower have a range of industrial power generators that can be configured to operate as prime or emergency backup power.

Available as both 50 & 60Hz, and in capacities of up to 4000kVA in a single unit, Interpower commercial generators can be supplied both open and acoustically treated, for use in a wide variety of applications, including factories, hospitals, airports, government buildings, data centers and banks.

All Interpower generators can be configured to supply a wide range of voltages, to meet the requirements around the world. Including low, medium and high voltages up to 11kV at 50Hz, and 13.8kV at 60 cycles.

Where the customers power requirement is several MW, Interpower would recommend a multi set installation. In such installations, as the load level fluctuates, generators can be started/stopped through monitoring of the overall power requirement. Using hours balancing on the generators, Interpower can offer a solution that will reduce the running costs on the installation for fuel, parts and servicing.

With all Interpower products, each genset can be tailored to the installation, meeting current emission regulations, sound levels, and specialist fuel requirements. Fuel polishing, mains failure, automatic load transfer, and control & monitoring with building management integration are standard options. For more details of our customised generator solutions click here

Our team of sales engineers can assist with sizing of your required generator, and with details of your load profile, can offer a solution bespoke to your requirements, including motor starting, load acceptance, recovery times, and PLC control system required.

Interpower also offer a full installation & and maintenance service on their UK generators. On overseas installations, our network of distributors is more than willing to assist with the install and ongoing support that ensures your emergency backup power is ready when the time comes.

Alongside Interpower's range of high power generators, we have a range of portable diesel generators suitable for small commercial and residential installations.

Every generator Interpower supply is manufactured and built in the UK, and carries a minimum of a full one year unlimited hours worldwide warranty, backed up and supported by the major component manufacturers.

In certain applications this can be extended to 2 years or longer, please contact us for further information on these extended warranties.

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Telecommunication Generators

For many years we have supplied to telecommunications networks around the world, including Jordan, Dubai, Yemen, Venezuela, China, and Saudi Arabia.

These sets, often located on remote sites, are designed to run for extended periods of time with little or no maintenance, and are frequently fitted with remote telemetry software allowing the customer to monitor the sets without having to visit the site.

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