Hybrid Off Grid System


After 12 months in the field, the figures are in on Interpower's off grid system, and the fuel and maintenance cost savings are even greater than expected.

Designed for remote installations where a grid connection is not available, the hybrid power system incorporates a standard diesel generator with green energy technologies, and configurable invertor systems, which can be setup to suit the site and customer load profile.

The initial system, in operation in the Falkland Islands, incorporates 2 wind turbines, a battery bank, diesel generator, and invertor system. Which when integrated together have provided fuel savings approaching 60%, based on using a standard diesel genset to provide the equivalent power over the same period of time.

Characteristics of the customers load are programmed into the PLC controller, which also monitors the energy stored within the battery reserve, and the power generated by the renewable energy supply. When the energy reserve level in the battery bank drops below the threshold configured within the invertor system, the PLC calls for the backup generator to replenish the system.

Prior to the installation of the new Interpower system, one customer was permanently running a diesel generator. They have experienced a 59% saving in the fuel cost against the original diesel generator, and this is not the only benefit of running such a system, there is also a 70% reduction in the service requirements of the generator as well.

As you will see from the pictures, the backup generator, invertor system, and battery reserve are all self contained in the generator container, which protects the equipment.

To receive more information on our off grid product, please email offgrid@interpower.co.uk

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