Diesel Rotary UPS

Certain applications cannot be without power, and unlike installations where a break in the supply can be accepted while the backup generator starts and transfers the load, installations including banks, airports, and data centres require a no break power supply.

Interpower's Uninterrupted Power Supply solution, has been developed with reliability and the future cost of operation & maintenance in mind. Rather than using complex electromechanical flywheels, and expensive power electronics, which can only be serviced by specialist engineers, our system can be operated, and maintained as part of a standard generator service contract. WIth considerable savings over the life of the installation.

The system uses stored energy in a rotating flywheel, directly coupled to an alternator permanently in synchronism with the utility. In the event of an power outage, the stored energy in the rotating mass provides the power, until the engine has started, and has matched the flywheel speed, at which point the mechanical coupling between the flywheel and the engine is closed.

In this type of application, reliability is the key to it's success, and every eventuality has been covered. Including twin independent starter systems, and pre lubrication systems on the engine when it is in emergency backup mode, to name just a few.

The modular design of the diesel rotary UPS (DRUPS), allows multiple sets to be connected together creating a backup power system which can be expanded to suit.

Available in both 50 & 60Hz, and from 400V through to 13.8kV, the flexibility of the Interpower DRUPS gives the customer more options to tailor the solution to their needs, including PLC control and energy management, which can be integrated into the installations building management system.

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