Containerised Generators

Container Generators

Developed for installations where time, space and budget do not allow for a purpose built engine room, Interpower containerized generators are a quick and easy solution, for an upgrade or expansion to an existing power network.

Available in both 20 and 40 foot ISO container generator configurations, Interpower can achieve ultra low noise levels, making our containerised sets suitable for critical noise installations, including hospitals, city centres and built up areas.

Interpower super silent container generators are available with outputs in excess of 2500kVA in 40ft ISO shipping containers. With noise levels as low as 65dBA @ 1m, they offer a low noise high power output solution, which is easy to transport worldwide.

Whenever possible, Interpower integrate the sound attenuation, cooling package, fuel storage, and exhaust silencers internally within the ISO cube of the container, reducing the time needed to install the units on site. Quick release electrical cables, and fuel make up systems also save time and eliminate the need for skilled personnel to install and prepare the units once positioned.

Our range of rental containerised mobile generators, and portable diesel generators, have been designed with close cooperation from our customers to offer packages that are easy to use, offer a high output from a small footprint, and are easy to maintain in the field, making them a popular choice with generator power rental companies around the world.

Due to the rigours associated with rental equipment, Interpower focus on building serviceability into every container, with the belief that when we make the generator easier to maintain, it will have a longer service life.

All units are designed, built and tested in our factory in the UK, and Interpower only uses British and European components in the manufacture of their generators.

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