Backup Generators

Backup Generators

With worldwide energy networks stretched to their limits, power outages are becoming more common, and in some countries scheduled power rationing has already started.

Interpower backup generators offer a solution to these problems, with power generation systems that automatically start and stop on outages, or units which can be programmed to start and synchronize seamlessly taking the load from the utility when an outage is scheduled ensuring there is no break in the supply.

Our backup generators are perfectly suited to applications where the customer cannot afford to be without power, including data centres, hospitals, airports, communication networks, food storage & distribution warehousing, and other energy critical manufacturing processes.

All aspects of the Interpower backup generator has been designed to ensure reliability in service, with automatic battery monitoring and charging systems, jacket water heating circuits, and in some critical applications twin starter systems, positive pressure fuel supplies, and pre-lubrication systems. Interpower have included options to make sure you are without power for as little time as possible.

To further ensure the reliability of your backup generator, Interpower offers service and maintenance contracts, giving the customer the peace of mind that when the generator is called for it's reliable operation is guaranteed.

All generators are designed and built in our factory in England, using only British and European components. Every generator is subjected to rigourous functionality and full load tests prior to despatch.

With extended warranties as standard on many of Interpower's backup generators, and a network of worldwide distributors on hand to assist our customers, our Interpower backup systems have got it covered.

For full technical details, and competitive pricing please contact our team of sales engineers.

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