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Offshore & Oilfield Generators

Interpower offshore generators are designed built and tested for use in the harshest environments. From class approved emergency generators installed on fuel storage platforms, to containerized generators located in hazardous area's.

Our offshore equipment is ruggedised to suit the application, and where required is built to the industry recognised rigsafe standard or higher. Containerized marine and offshore units can be built to the DNV 2.7-1 standard, and where containers are not required Interpower can design, build and test DNV lifting frames around open sets.

Features Interpower incorporate in the rigsafe offshore containerised generators include.

Thorough design ensures the high quality of Interpower equipment, torsional vibration analysis is performed on all rotating equipment, and structural analysis is performed on the base design.

Containers and canopies are treated with mineral wool acoustic insulation, and fitted with stainless steel linings to increase the generators service life, and minimise points of corrosion in salifarous environments.

CO2 and water mist fire extinguishants are used in our fire suppression systems. With Lloyds approval available on complete systems. All systems are available as manual and automatic discharging systems.

Oil and gas projects we have supplied include gas field work in Pakistan, the Ras Laffan refinery in Qatar, life support equipment for rigs both in the North Sea & Malaysia, and oil fields in Azerbaijan.

FPAL Acreditation

Interpower's onshore and offshore oil & gas equipment fully complies with all the applicable standards & specifications and Interpower is also an FPAL approved supplier to the North Sea and UK oil & gas industry.


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